Why Summit VA Solutions?

It’s no secret that staying organized is an essential skill for all Realtors. The number of documents that the real estate agents work on locating and getting signed for deals to close and on time, all the phone calls, the showing schedules, the meet ups; it gets to a point where the worries and stress of paper pushing to meet deadlines and not lose deals weigh down on Real Estate agents on either side of the transaction.

With the help of SVS doing most of the paper pushing and tasks, there will be no more missed timelines, no more incomplete documentation and you will always be in compliance. You and your team can run your business in a more efficient and productive manner.

The VA Solutions Team
We are well trained in all aspects of REO and traditional resale.
SVS is strict on timelines so you are assured that all work orders are completed on due dates if not earlier.

You will always be advised of any issues stopping us in completing work orders.
Our VAs are dependable and we are trained to work with minimal supervision.
Getting Summit VA Employees is getting engaged employees wjo are highly innovative at work and are commited to being advocates for your company’s growth.

What we do as Transaction Coordinators
Inclusive of “BackAgent” (or any other intranet tools) contract tasks; Update your BackAgent on the “Contract Package”. We will update contacts, update “Dates and Information” and upload all documents as we go forwards until everything is done and transaction has closed. HAR/MLS Status change is also inclusive if you want SVS to do it for you.

The COMPLETE Closing Procedure
As soon as we receive the Executed Contract Package, we begin transaction from “Sending Out” of executed contract to Lender, Title Company and the Buyer’s Agent. We work your transaction until it closes. We’re always mindful of timelines because who wants extensions? We don’t.