STEP 1: Call (281) 733-0885 to set the hiring in motion.

STEP 2: Skype call with Operations will be scheduled on your first call.
*You will need a skype account for this meeting. If you don’t have one, it is time to create the account. You will be provided an SOP if needed and the Skype Accounts to invite as soon as the account is created will be provided.

STEP 3: Meeting with Operations
*What are your expectations? (Tasks and Job Descriptions)
*Let us help you prepare your VA! What are the tools used in your entire operations?
*We want to get to know you so we can effectively pair you up with our great Virtual Assistants. Have you completed a DISC Test? If not, please complete the 15 minutes DISC Test posted below and send us your results.

STEP 4: We are now ready for you meet the VAs. Let us set you up for the interviews!

STEP 5: Interview Day with the VAs

*The VP of Operations or one of the Supervisors will be with you. We will be assisting you throughout the interview process.

STEP 6: Decided on who to hire? Let’s set the first day!

Virtual Assistants for ONE-OFF SERVICES

You don’t feel the need for a full time assistant at this time but you need help on some of the tasks that are taking most of your time? We have one off services specially created for you.

Let’s talk about how we can get you started! Call (281) 733-0885 now!


1. Transaction Coordination (Executed Contract to Closing) -The VA is in charge of your transaction from the time we receive your executed contract to the day it closes. We will monitor and advise of progress as we proceed so you do not have to worry about timelines.
*Send the Executed Contract Package to closings@summitvasolutions.com. The VA in charge of your transaction will be confirming receipt and give you information moving forward.

2. Marketing/Social Media needs – Call (281) 733-0885 to discuss with us what you need or email info@summitvasolutions.com and let us know your Marketing/ Social Media maintenance needs.

3. OTHERS – Let us know! Call (281) 733-0885 or email info@summitvasolutions.com


We can do basic tasks for you!

Please feel free to email listings.1Offs@summitvasolutions.com for questions or for the Work Order. The VA in charge of completing the work order will be confirming receipt and let you know how to proceed.