The season of Christmas cheer is upon us once again. Have you had the time to pause and reflect of the many many blessings that came your way this year so far? Did you thank the people that helped you achieve the success you are experiencing now? Workwise or personal there always ought to be the spirit of gratitude and this upcoming holiday season combine both gratitude with a sprinkling of business right?

Here are some holiday marketing that does just that!

Host a Dinner at One of Your Properties

Trust me when I say, everyone has had enough turkey elsewhere, but there’s nothing like food to get people together. Why not host a BBQ at one of your properties for sale? You can even invite people to bring their own dishes to share. Make it a community event. Gain more visibility for your properties, and meet more locals. See? Fun with a sprinkling of business wink wink.

Thank Past Clients

Following up. Instead of spending a couple hundred bucks to gain someone new, how about sending a simple thank you and gift card to past clients? This could be a small Home Depot gift card, and a reminder you are there to help and that if someone they knew needed help you could be that person. Christmas greeting, business and a possible referral, 3 birds, one stone!

Thank Future Clients

Want to do some creative real estate marketing? How about thanking your future clients for their business in advance? Send a Christmas card, with a gift card for the home they are going to buy from you. Now that is proactive marketing!

Free Rent

How about thanking your loyal long term tenants with a month of free rent? If you’ve got an especially loyal and good tenant that has been in place for a couple years, is really low maintenance, and takes great care of your property, they are an asset you should try to keep.

How about giving them a month off of rent for December or January, and relieving their stress during the holidays. This may actually be a gift to yourself too, as many tenants will struggle to be on time with the rent during the holidays. If that’s too rich, how about a 10% discount?

It doesn’t have to be big and flamboyant. It’s the sincerity that counts, the love and the compassion. Why not try these marketing tips, you could possibly sell a house, meet new clients and share good food! It’s a win win (win) ain’t it?

Writer: Shaura Cuyan 

Shaura Cuyan writes about all the hottest Real Estate trends and predictions for
Summit VA Solutions. She has previously written for a number of freelancing gigs
and writes her own blog on lifestyle and current issues. She is a Graduate of Bachelor
of Arts in Communication, taking up her Masters majoring in Development Communication.