The battle for the consumer’s attention has never been so competitive and the margin of error so slim. The mantra may as well be changing from “a picture is worth one thousand words,” to “a picture is worth one thousand impressions,” and those impressions are incredibly valuable to your business in the digital world.

The soaring trend of Visual Marketing is said to be a highly effective method of customer-brand connection, do you agree?

We are seeing a huge uptick in agents recognizing the value in using professionals for all their visual marketing needs virtual staging, drone video and photography, virtual tours, interactive floor plans and more, says Forbes magazine, convinced yet?

Visual Marketing makes memorable impressions, faster! Beyond the speed of image processing, the human brain forms its first impression in 50 milliseconds. Using visual marketing, you can make sure that first impression is a positive one. It’s much harder to do the same with blocks of text. A visual channel is a more efficient conduit of your brand’s message.

You want consumers to form an immediate positive impression of your brand, but don’t you also want to make a memorable impression? When consumers process information paired with relevant images, they will retain 65 percent of that information three days later, now ain’t that great?

Visual marketing gets clicks, plain and simple. First of all, your audience is 80 percent more likely to read content if it’s paired with colorful visuals. Second, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared across social media than any other type of content. More shares mean more exposure. Your visual marketing will turn into visual referral marketing and referrals are one of the central roots of influential growth.

In 2016, 37 percent of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of their brand’s content production scheme, coming in second behind blogging at 38 percent. Also, 74 percent used visuals in their social media marketing.

As more and more brands prioritize visual marketing, you can’t afford to be left behind. Don’t be outdated get ahead of the game, get your visual marketing game on!

Shaura Cuyan - Summit Virtual Assistant