Answered Prayer

1. What makes you the “great” Virtual Assistant?

I am a great virtual assistant because I am equipped with the learning I acquired from the training SVS
provided plus the knowledge I had from my previous jobs that helped me perform well as a virtual

2. What do you think makes a successful Client – VA relationship?

Effective communication makes a successful Client – VA relationship. It’s also very important to have a
feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it

3. How did the training help you in this journey?

Training is very helpful, it is where we acquire new skills in doing new and different tasks. It helped me
increase my contribution to the business.

4. Why did you join Summit VA Solutions,Inc?
I really believe in the value of teamwork and so when I was told that Summit VA has an open position for
virtual assistant I had to make sure my application was put in. SVS offered great opportunity to help
people like me who wanted to change their career path. I’ve always wanted to work from home then
here comes SVS answering my prayer.

5. What makes Summit VA Solutions, Inc different from the companies (home based or not) you
worked with/for?
Summit VA Solutions trust their VAs more than any other employer which I think is a good way of
building a good work relationship. They never fail to provide real time assistance if there is something
you’re hesitant of doing.

6. What made you decide to work from home?
My Family made me decide to work from home. I worked as an OFW in Dubai before I joined Summit VA
Solutions and it was the most difficult time I had. Summit VA Solutions opened the door for me to work, earn and be
with my family at the same time.

7. What do you need from your clients to help you effectively do your job?
My clients are detailed in giving tasks to be completed, they also provide the resources that will help
in completing it. The trust they give that I’ll be capable of doing new tasks is effectively helping me
do my job.

8. What makes your jobs enjoyable?
What makes it enjoyable is that I can work at my own convenience.

9. Tell us about “happy” experiences with your clients.
When my client and I talked about our same interest with cats and dogs. That was lovely!

10. If you lost a client for whatever reason, what do you think went wrong and what do you think
should be done differently to resolve the issue/issues?
I once lost a client though I believe that it wasn’t my fault at all. I can’t tell that I didn’t have a mistake
either. I think what went wrong is the lack of communication with my colleagues. I had to be resilient
and now I have my new client for over a year and I always make sure to communicate to other VAs and
coordinate with my clients to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

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