I am very thankful that I became part of Summit VA Solutions

1. What makes you the “great” Virtual Assistant?

“When you set your mind to achieve something, you must allow yourself the opportunity to get it
done.” To be called as great virtual assistant is to prepare yourself and set your mind to finish all task
given to get client satisfaction.

2. What do you think makes a successful Client – VA relationship?
Communication is a good way that makes successful client – VA relationship.

3. How did the training help you in this journey?
The training that I had help me a lot in my journey being a VA. At first I had no idea about working at
home specially working as VA for a Realtor so with the training that I had gives me an idea and it help
me to become a productive VA.

4. Why did you join Summit VA Solutions,Inc?
I joined Summit VA solution because I find it very interesting and challenging too. Summit VA Solutions
was one of the best company I ever work for not only that I had the chance to work at home but it also
gives me more knowledge about being a realtor. It also gives me a chance to acquire new skills.

5. What makes Summit VA Solutions, Inc different from the companies (home based or not) you worked
Summit VA Solution, Inc. is one of the best company that I ever worked for. Not for the salary but with
the team that I belong to. They have been very supportive all throughout.

6.What made you decide to work from home?
Working at home gives me the opportunity to be with my family specially that I have 3 children. Less
travel time more time for my family.

7. What do you need from your clients to help you effectively do your job?
So far, for what I was taught was enough for me to do my job efficiently but of course if there would be
new tools that I have to learn it would be an opportunity that I would take to become more efficient.

8. What makes your jobs enjoyable?
To be part of Summit VA solution team makes my work enjoyable. It does not give a feeling that I am
alone it still feels that I work in an office base work. Everytime I need help they are always around
to give help. I am very thankful that I became part of Summit VA Solutions.

9. Tell us about “happy” experiences with your clients.
To see my client happy and contented with the work I provided is the happiest experience I had.

10. If you lost a client for whatever reason, what do you think went wrong and what do you think should
be done differently to resolve the issue/issues?
There are a lot of possibilities for losing a client, might be part of the client or part being a VA. If it was
poor performance for a VA it would be best to seek assistance and get feedback from colleagues.

Marie Yvette Billote - Summit Virtual Assistant

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