First impressions last

When I do what is asked of me is just one thing. The next things I do are for the extra mile to make sure
things are not just what they should be but better than what it is when given the chance.

Since I have been working from my home office for quite some time, I have always made sure to be very
careful with establishing a working relationship with my clients. I value the saying that goes, “First
impressions last”.

In this type of working environment, having the confidence to do what is asked is most important. Again,
to do the job and do it well. If given the time, will even make it look good. 🙂

I value the culture in which Summit VA Solutions have established. Developing new skills and even
finding new ways to use them. After my training with SVS, I was encouraged to work at my best not only
because I am confident that I am equipped with the right tools of the trade, – but also knowing that I
know my fellow VAs will be there should I need help with anything. Really, ANYTHING.

Being a part of Summit VA Solutions makes my work more rewarding in terms of the benefits of working
from home. Creating your own comfortable working space, no transportation expenses, more time with
the family and less dealings with unexpected circumstances. Surely, this is something others would be
hoping their work should be.

In this position that I’m in, I have no excuse not to do good with my client. I am well equipped, well
trained, and there is simply no other alternative to working hard and making smart decisions. And best
of all, knowing that Summit VA Solutions will be there to help me bring out the best I can do.

Jen Semon - Summit Virtual Assistant

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