My client is wonderful, I couldn’t ask for more!

What makes you the “great” Virtual Assistant?

Ability to connect to my client in a professional manner, passion and having the initiative at work are what makes me a great virtual assistant. These are the key elements that consistently displayed when engaged with my client that is why I don’t just meet but far exceed my client’s expectations as an assistant. My Boss always says that I’m the best assistant ever and that gives me a sense of fulfillment in everything I do. I show her that she can rely on me.

What do you think makes a successful Client – VA relationship?

Constant communication is the key. Good thing my client is very bubbly and loves to talk. I feel like I’m her friend and also part of her family.

How did the training help you in this journey?

Summit gave me the basic knowledge about the real estate and continuous support even after the training program the support from the management never ends after training. Coaches are always available when there’s a question needed to be answered quickly. In addition, I constantly improve my knowledge and skills through research and participating in group discussions to better myself as a virtual assistant.

Why did you join Summit VA Solutions, Inc?

Summit VA Solutions, Inc. gave me the opportunity to be able to balance work and family time. I wanted to work from home. Sadly, I got unlucky from the first company that I got into before joining Summit. Then I heard about how Summit works and how they gave supports to their VA. That’s everything I was not able to experience/get from my previous employer.

What makes Summit VA Solutions, Inc different from the companies (home based or not) you worked with/for?

The best thing about Summit is I am able to work from home. I can spend more time with my family and spend time to do what I love to do after work. Summit also gives us incredible support and the feeling that I am part of the family even if we are working remotely. I always have a good laugh when the chat room is alive.

What made you decide to work from home?

To have more quality time with my family. My little boy is growing up so quickly and as a mother, I want to be there whenever he needs me. I also get to spend time doing my craft. There are a lot of things I want to do after shift and I didn’t have this kind of flexibility before when I was working in an office.

What do you need from your clients to help you effectively do your job?

I got everything I needed from my client. She is so wonderful and I couldn’t ask for more. Communication, motivation and support from her are the reasons why she’s the best client ever.

What makes your jobs enjoyable?

I’m learning new things! I am developing new skills and acquiring new knowledge that helps me grow as a professional.

Tell us about “happy” experiences with your clients.

I have happy experience every day! One of the best experiences I had was when she shared to me onscreen their wedding video. It was so wonderful that I personally felt the love and care that they have for each other. They are such a lovely couple. I love them!

If you lost a client for whatever reason, what do you think went wrong and what do you think should be done differently to resolve the issue/issues?

The only reason I could think of is when I am not doing my job. I think that’s the only reason for her to let me go. So I am doing my best to support her and consistently find ways on how I can contribute to grow her business.

Alma Salanga Guarin - Summit Virtual Assistant

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