Communication is key

What makes me a “great” Virtual Assistant?

As a virtual assistant, in a real estate environment, we are set to understand how the business works and learn from our clients. What makes me a great Virtual Assistant? I had an extensive training and was provided the right tools in understanding how real estate works in the U.S and that helped me do my job as a Virtual Assistant.

Successful Client – VA Relationship



Training helped me so much in my Virtual Assistant career by giving me a whole background on how real estate business works in the United States. As a Filipino, we’re not used to the processes they do in purchasing, leasing and selling properties. We had a first-hand look of sample contracts and did exercises as if I am doing the contract myself with difference scenarios.

Why did I join Summit VA Solutions?

Why? Because Summit VA Solutions is the best!

What makes Summit VA Solutions different from other companies?

Summit VA Solutions was highly recommended and they are straight to the point. No ifs and buts. The Boss is funny, understanding, empathetic and pro-VAs. The mentors are always there to assist you, give you pieces of advice and give you their undivided attention for any issues that you have. I always feel so important.

What made you decide to work from Home?

I decided to work from home to be closer to my family. Take care of my mom and to have my own family as well.

What do you need from your clients to help you effectively do your job?

Communicate what they need and how they want everything to be delivered. Recognize all the things that I’ve done to enhance their business.

What makes my job “enjoyable”?

I am getting so much work done and I enjoy my weekend without worrying about anything about work.

Tell us about “happy” experiences with your clients

Just talking about how our weekend was

Lost a client?

Gillian is my first client and we have a good relationship right now. Communication is key.

Loren Muyano - Summit Virtual Assistant

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